Back to news backs our Alex Against the Odds campaign

The Children’s Air Ambulance is often saying hooray for mums – but this time we’re saying hooray for 600,000 of them., one of the biggest UK websites for parents, is backing our campaign featuring little Alex Forrest, a premature baby who needed urgent transport to a paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) after an infection left him seriously poorly.

Little Alex is doing much better now, and living at home with his mum, dad, twin brother Niall, and older brother Harry, but without our service getting him to the PICU at Kings College Hospital, things might have been very different.

With over 600,000 members and 1.2 million unique hits every month, the mums and dads at Mumsnet make up one of the best places for parents on the web. They also spread the word about us on their Twitter, which has almost 90,000 followers.

Teaming up with Mumsnet is a great way of getting the word out about our service to the people who might one day most be relying on it – the parents of desperately ill children. Around 2 children a day would benefit from a service like ours airlifting them to specialist units.

Our Alex Against the Odds Campaign has also had coverage in The Express, Planet Extra and regional newspapers in Kent. So far it has been our most successful campaign to date, with over £12,000 raised.

Helen, Alex’s mum said to us: “It’s amazing to hear how much this has raised. I’m so pleased, and I really hope your next appeal goes on to do even better.”

So hooray – and thank you – to the mums and dads of Mumsnet for supporting our appeal and helping us get the babies and children to the care they urgently need.

With your support, we’ll be proud to see more little patients like these grow up.

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