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MP praises shop volunteers

MP Julian Knight dropped into the Children’s Air Ambulance shop in Solihull today to see the great work carried out by its team of dedicated volunteers.

The Conservative MP for Solihull met manager Denise Bates and the people who give up their free time to help make the shop a great fundraising success.

Mr Knight was given a guided tour of what goes on at the shop in Station Road in the town centre and saw for himself the selfless work of the volunteering team.

Mr Knight said: “It was absolutely fantastic to visit here. Clearly it’s a great offering for customers but also it shows the way in which Solihull rests on a sea of volunteering. Everyone seems to be having a great time but everyone also is also focused on the charitable cause and tries to produce the best result not just for the community but also the Children’s Air Ambulance. It was a great pleasure to be involved today.”

As well as working in shops, Children’s Air Ambulance charity volunteers undertake a wide range of other tasks from supporting admin staff and organising fundraising events to giving talks on the work of the charity and organising tin collections. The Children’s Air Ambulance relies on the hard work of volunteers to keep it flying.

Find out all the details you need about how to become volunteer by clicking here.

With your support, we’ll be proud to see more little patients like these grow up.

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