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Woman’s spending spree clears out shop

Staff at one of our charity shops were left stunned after a single customer bought almost all its stock in just one day.

The Children’s Air Ambulance shop in Crouch End had been open for a few hours when the customer came in and began piling up the stock.

Sharon De‐Freitas, manager of the shop in London, said: “It had started as quite a slow day, so I was beginning to get worried! I couldn’t believe it when the customer started to buy out the departments. She bought almost all of our men’s stock and most of our ladies too.”

In total the mystery benefactor bought over £500 worth of stock, making a real difference to our charity and children across the country.

The identity of the customer is not known, but we’d welcome an opportunity to say thank you. To get in touch call 03003 047 999.

Despite the woman’s spending spree the shop has been re-stocked and is trading as normal.

Each transfer costs on average £3,500.

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