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Fundraise for Children’s Air Ambulance on Facebook

If you’re fundraising for an event – or for your birthday – you can now do so directly on Facebook for Children’s Air Ambulance.

You can now support us and other causes you care about by visiting

There you will be given the option to raise money for Children’s Air Ambulance, before deciding how much money you want to raise. We’re one of the first UK charities to be verified and added by Facebook which is very exciting!

Also, before your birthday Facebook may ask if you want to raise some funds for a charity as well as getting good wishes – when they do we’d love it if you keep us in mind.

We have a number of amazing events to take on in our fundraising challenges section, and if you’ve already secured a place for something you’re doing please get in contact with us there too so we can provide some support.

With your support, we’ll be proud to see more little patients like these grow up.

with your support
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