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New Gadgets? Donate Your Pre-Loved Electronics to Us!

Christmas may feel like a distant memory already, but if you’re still in awe of the new laptop, tablet or mobile phone that donned your stocking this Xmas, then read on!

One of the fastest growing waste problems are people discarding perfectly usable electronics, which is adding to the global issue of how we tackle the ever-growing waste management concerns. Of course, there is a solution; donate.

We at the Children’s Air Ambulance are welcoming you to donate your preloved items to our services which can be resold to generate vital funds for our ever-growing services that save lives of critically ill babies and children.

How Does It Work?

Getting your items to us couldn’t be easier. Simply call us on  01509 670989 or email and we’ll arrange for your items to be collected. We’ll then take them away, cleanse, and sell on.

What Happens to My Data?

We understand that gadgets hold an enormous amount of data that needs to be properly dealt with before an item can be resold. That is why we use data removal software Blancco, a drive eraser that ensures all of the information you have stored on your electronics is completely removed and inaccessible by anyone else.

Many people believe that removing the sim card or storage card, hard drive and even restoring to factory settings, will mean all traces of information disappears, but this isn’t the case. We ensure that any hidden files, drives and software are removed that wouldn’t have been found by most, leaving you completely at ease that your gadgets are risk-free. To prove this we provide a certificate and reports that this has occurred and all of your preloved gadgets are wiped – entirely!

We do not receive any government funding. Only with your donations can we fly the children who need us.

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