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When Jack was born, his Mum and Dad felt like the proudest parents in the world. Mike and Abi already had four-year-old Charlie and with Jack’s arrival, they now felt the family was complete.

However, at just four weeks old, Jack was rushed into his nearest hospital on the Isle of Wight with suspected bronchiolitis. He’d gone off his feeds and, more frighteningly, was having severe problems with his breathing.

Luckily for baby Jack and his parents, a specialist consultant from Southampton just happened to be visiting from the mainland. He saw Jack and at once spotted a problem, so he conducted an ultrasound and echocardiogram. He then immediately advised that Jack needed emergency specialist heart surgery.

We gave him wings

The type of open-heart surgery Jack needed was far too specialised a procedure to be carried out on the Isle of Wight. In fact there are just a handful of UK hospitals able to perform such an intricate treatment for young babies and children.

Thankfully, due to generous donations and contributions from the public and private sectors, the Children’s Air Ambulance is here to make that difference between life and death – flying desperately ill children to the specialist care they need…fast.

We flew this little fella to the care he needed in just

8 mins

The flight took just eight minutes. But every second counted. Any other method of transport would have taken hours. That was time Jack didn’t have. He only had minutes and the clock was ticking.

Home safe home

Thankfully, the surgery went well and Jack responded brilliantly to the specialist treatment and care he received – so much so that the family were able to take him home just 10 days later.

Without your help and support, many of these life-saving, life-affirming emergency transfers could never happen. But with your donation, no matter how small, we’re able to give desperately ill children like Jack the fighting chance they deserve. So please give what you can.

And we’ll give our all.

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