Bella’s appeal

Please give £18 today to
help save a child like Bella

Little Bella was on holiday when her parents heard her make an awful shriek. They found her lifeless and her skin was grey. She was diagnosed with a heart problem, and needed urgent open-heart surgery if she was to survive.

But the specialist surgeon who could help her was over 150 miles away. And she was simply too poorly to make the journey by road.

Our helicopter delivered Bella safely in just 57 minutes. Her parents went by road, a journey that took nearly four hours.

Bella was in surgery for six hours; an hour for every month of her life. Her recovery was slow but she is now a healthy, happy little girl.

When I was told my tiny, six-month-old baby needed open-heart surgery. It was a huge shock, I don’t remember feeling much. We’d just been on holiday. I wondered – how on earth did we not know something was wrong.
When I look back now, I don’t know if Bella would be here, were it not for the Children’s Air Ambulance. Their helicopter costs a lot to run, but they are worth every penny.”
Lucy, Bella’s mum

Without the support of people like you we couldn’t fly little patients like Bella to the care they desperately need. Please donate a gift today to keep our helicopter flying for the children who need us.

We are the only helicopter emergency transfer service in the country dedicated to children.

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