Hi #TheCrew member!! It’s great to see you!

Welcome to Crew Control, your #TheCrew members only area! Here you’ll find everything you need to help you with your fundraising events.

There are lots of different ways that you can raise money, from cake sales to football tournaments! Whatever your event may be, remember to keep the ‘fun’ in ‘fundraising’ – if you’re having a great time then everyone else will too.

Looking for some inspiration? Download the fundraising toolkit, below, to help you plan your fundraising events. Here, you’ll also find some template posters that you can print off to help publicise your event.


Merchandise is a great way to promote your event and helps to get everyone excited about getting involved. We have exclusive, members only, #TheCrew t-shirts that you can wear during your events that will let everyone know who you are and what you are raising money for.

We also have a range of merchandise to support you, including balloons and collection tins to help keep the money you raise safe during your event.

Whatever it is that you are planning, we really want to hear all about it. Photos are a great way to tell a story and we would love for you to send us some after your event so we can then include them in our #TheCrew gallery. This helps us to celebrate your achievements and provide inspiration to other members.

If you let us know when your events are planned, we can also give you a shout-out on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Be safe, be sensible

We take your health and safety very seriously and whilst we encourage you to get creative with your ideas, you must think carefully about any safety issues and the health of those taking part. We’ve created a risk assessment so you can think through what might go wrong, along with a fundraising policy to help keep you safe. Please ask your grown-up to read both documents and ask them to help you complete the risk assessment.