In less than 24 hours Declan went from a poorly boy, to a boy fighting for his life

He needed specialist care that was 100 miles away – a trip that we were able to complete in 43 minutes.

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Declan was taken to hospital covered in a rash with back and neck pain. He was diagnosed with a rare and life threatening skin condition called toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) that affects 1 in a million people per year. He urgently needed care from a paediatric intensive care unit, a burns unit, a dermatologist and an eye specialist. To get that care he needed to be airlifted to Bristol – over 100 miles away.

We airlifted Declan safely in just 43 minutes. The journey by road took his parents nearly three hours.

Declan still had weeks of pain and worry ahead as he battled against TEN eventually losing 96% of his skin. Later that year Declan celebrated his 7th birthday – a milestone his mother thought he might not see.

Oliver, Ashleigh and Declan

You can find out more about Declan’s story.

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