Welcome to Doncaster/Sheffield Airbase

One of our two new helicopters is based at Doncaster Sheffield Airport where it services the North of England, Scotland and Wales in the transfer of critically ill babies and children. These critical missions ensure young patients receive the best treatment needed wherever that may be in the country.

Since 2012, we’ve completed more than 300 missions with our NHS clinical partner teams operating with just one aircraft. The decision to provide two helicopters at bases in the north – Doncaster Sheffield – and south of United Kingdom – London Oxford Airport – will enable us to reach more missions anywhere in the country.

With the highly technical specialist equipment on board to keep babies and children up to the age of 18yrs old stable, our service is truly one of a kind.

Who Works with Children’s Air Ambulance?

Our NHS clinical partners are a key part of the success of our service and make it what it is.

SONeT and SORT are our Clinical Partners based in Southampton.
CATS (Children’s Acute Transport Service)
NWTS (North West & North Wales Paediatric Transport Service)
NEST (Newborn Emergency Stabilisation & Transport Team)
South Thames Retrieval Service
WATCh (Western Acute Transport for Children)

Together they help save the lives of the children who are in need of urgent care and make the journey within the specially equipped helicopters, to receive the best care they can.

We also have our pilots who play a major part in saving lives.

Pilots for the North

  • Capt. Mac McDaniel
  • Capt. Tim Lort
  • SFO David Gifford
  • FO Kirsten Augustyn
  • FO Jacob Oosthuisen
  • FO Joshua Adams

Where is the airbase?

The airbase is at Doncaster Sheffield Airport which is the smaller of Yorkshire’s two large airports. There’s various other commercial and private aircrafts based here as well as commercial flying for passengers and the popularity in the airport is increasing for short haul flights.

The base is the perfect location for accessing the northern regions of the country and Scotland.

Robert Hough is the Chairman of Doncaster Sheffield Airport and has welcomed the arrival of the aircraft to play a part in acting as a base for our charity and to support our missions within the north of the country.

You can also read about our second airbase at London Oxford Airport here.

We’ve also become supporters of the Doncaster Business Awards. Read all about it and discover more about this amazing event.



Each transfer costs on average £3,500.

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