Welcome to London/Oxford Airbase

The service provided by the children’s air ambulance has reached new heights with the launch of our two new helicopters, one of which is now based at London Oxford Airport. Servicing the south of the country, this offers the much-needed transfer service for critically ill babies and children from southern England and Wales, to hospitals and care units across the country.

Since 2012, we’ve already completed many missions from our previous air base in the Midlands and we know our new service, with two aircraft, will allow for far more possibilities for children across the UK.

Who works with Children’s Air Ambulance?

The nine NHS clinical partners we work with make the service what it is and we wouldn’t be able to operate without them.

SONeT and SORT are our Clinical Partners based in Southampton.
CATS (Children’s Acute Transport Service)
NWTS (North West & North Wales Paediatric Transport Service)
NEST (Newborn Emergency Stabilisation & Transport Team)
South Thames Retrieval Service
WATCh (Western Acute Transport for Children)\

Together they help save the lives of the children who are in need of urgent care and make the journey within the specially equipped helicopters, to receive the best care they can.

Pilots for the South

  • Capt. Wayne Thomas
  • Capt. Ben Cook
  • Capt. Liv Milles
  • SFO Mark Woodley
  • SFO Esther Verschoor
  • SFO Mathew Lechien

Where is the airbase?

The London Oxford airbase is at a commercial airport that also homes various private aircrafts, including our very own Children’s Air Ambulance helicopter; the only flying intensive care unit in the country.

Almost central to the south of England, this allows us to operate for various counties across the breadth of southern England and Wales. With some of the country’s most advanced children’s hospitals such as Great Ormond Street and Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, our helicopter can now help with getting critical ill children to where they need to be in a matter of minutes, rather than hours.

You can also read about our second air base at Doncaster Sheffield Airport here.

Each transfer costs on average £3,500.

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