Mark’s Appeal

We are lifted into the air by kind people like you

Please give £10 today and help us save a child’s life.

Our helicopter provides a flying intensive care unit especially for children. Our pilots, like Mark, fly children who are fighting for their life to specialist centres of paediatric excellence. They might need heart surgery, be a cancer patient or have blood poisoning.

In life threatening situations like these, every second counts. We can fly children to the specialist care they need around four times faster than transport by road. Often it is a journey that will save their lives.

Whatever you choose to give, your donation will help us cover the costs of saving young lives across the country.

Every single penny of our operating costs is given by people like you. The speed of our helicopter can save a child’s life – but we can’t get off the ground without your help.

It costs about £36 for enough aviation fuel to fly for 10 minutes.

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