Second Helicopter Appeal

Right now we can only reach
1 in 3 children who need us

Currently we have just one helicopter serving the whole country. We are very proud of it, as it’s the only helicopter of its kind dedicated to transferring critically ill children to the lifesaving care they need.

But we know that there are hundreds of children who need us every year, and we know that right now we simply can’t reach them all. The only way we can reach more of the children who need us, is to build another helicopter.

We need your support to make this possible.

How will a second helicopter help us reach more children?

Dr Shelley Riphagen“To have a second helicopter and flight team dedicated to moving critically ill children into paediatric intensive care units in the South of the country, including London, would be a great step forward in ensuring that we offer the very best, world class transfer service to these children and families.”
Dr Shelley Riphagen, Lead Consultant,
Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Flight times
Right now our helicopter is based in Coventry. Therefore with one helicopter based in the north of the country and one further south, our flight times will be quicker to many destinations.

A larger helicopter means we will be able to carry an incubator and carry neonates we currently are forced to turn away.

Longer hours
The expansion of our service will mean we’re available longer hours, seven days a week. We do not always have the resources available to respond. There are children who need us that we simply do not have the equipment to help and that’s why we need your help.

Children's New Year Appeal Bella 2“If there hadn’t been a helicopter to help Bella I don’t know if she would be here. It was that essential she got to the surgeon quickly. I don’t know if she would have survived a road journey.”
Lucy, Bella’s mum

Funding a new air ambulance is an enormous task, so we need your support more than ever. By donating a special gift today, you will help pay for a new helicopter so we can fly more children who need us; children like Bella. Thank you.

On average, two children a day could benefit from our transfer service.

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