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we save lives

When a newborn baby or child is fighting for their life, they need to get expert medical treatment fast. Which is where we come in.

We fly the child to the hospital that has the specialist facilities that will save their life. And because every second counts, our helicopter not only takes children to safety around four times faster, it also provides intensive care in the air. Or if they’re too sick to travel, we take the specialist teams and equipment to them. But we can only do this life-saving work with your help. Please give what you can today.

Help us save lives


Christmas Appeal

Without the support of people like you, our crew simply wouldn’t be able to fly critically ill children to the care they need. So please donate what you can this Christmas. Thank you.

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Christmas Appeal

Your donation helps us fly critically ill children across the UK to get the specialist care they need.

Your donation, however small, could help save a child’s life. We are the UK’s first and only dedicated air ambulance transfer service. Yet we receive no government funding and rely totally on donations from the public. We need to keep our two new helicopters flying so we can reach even more children and their families. Please help us today.

About us

Flying teams and equipment

When a child is too sick to travel, we fly medical teams and equipment to them, turning their local hospital into a specialist centre

Flying children

We fly critically ill babies and children across the UK to get the expert medical care they need

Taking families home

We also take children and families back home after the life-saving care, taking pressure off the NHS

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We’ve now flown well over 200 missions

In December 2012, the Children’s Air Ambulance service took off. We started to transfer specialist teams to treat seriously ill children around the UK. In May 2013, we made our first baby transfer when we took little Theo to hospital for the emergency surgery that would save his life. Today, we are the first and only dedicated helicopter transfer service for critically ill children. Our mission is to put the lives and well-being of the children in our care above everything and anything we do.

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For every child we fly to get life-saving treatment, there are some that we can’t. We desperately need your help to reach them all. But we only have two helicopters, we don’t receive any government funding and our services are all free of charge. Will you help us carry on our life-saving work?

How you can help today

Your donation can literally lift our helicopters up and away to help save a child's life

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£24 a month could pay for enough fuel to fly the Children's Air Ambulance 8 miles each and every month

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