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Running into 2019…Part 7

This week I have felt much better and have finally had the spring in my step back! There has been no sickness or cold, however there is currently a ‘runner’s toe’ situation occurring which I won’t get into, but if you do fancy checking out what I mean and grossing yourself out, click here.

As much as I love running around Pitsford Reservoir, it’s getting a little tedious. I don’t think it helps knowing the route inside out because mentally I know what’s coming and psych myself out. I’m also not a fan of all the hills, I’m not going to lie. So, this weekend I plan on trying a flat new route, Draycote Water. It’s roughly a 5 mile circumference so I am going to try …wait for it…3 laps, ‘try’ being the operative word; my toe can’t wait!

On reflection, I have also disagreed with myself over music whilst running. I went out for a short 3 miler and didn’t put any headphones in, I ran the best I have in a while. I reckon it’s because I can hear my breathing and regulate it better than when I plug in and drown out civilisation. I will be testing this theory further this weekend.

It has been an incredible feeling having the support from my family, friends and especially my colleagues. Not only did they put together a pyjama day, they have set up a Quiz Night to help me raise more money and hit my target. If you enjoy a quiz then please get a team together and book a table, there are many awesome prizes and it’ll be a great evening supporting an incredible charity…so let’s get quizzical!



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