Sensational Chocolate

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We’ve teamed up with one of the world’s leading chocolatiers – and some of his celebrity friends – to create a stunning new book packed with mouth-watering recipes. Get yours for just £9.99.

Paul a. Young’s Sensational Chocolate features recipes from chocolate lovers including Nigella Lawson, Chris Tarrant, Emma Thompson, Marcus Wareing and Brain Blessed.

The 144 page publication includes innovative recipes from Paul as well as a collection of each celebrity’s favourite chocolate recipe.

You can order Sensational Chocolate below.

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How the book came about

Paul, who is one of our ambassadors, is passionate about raising funds for us.

In his introduction to the book, he says: “I thought why not ask lots of lovely celebrity supporters, well-known chefs and friends to donate their favourite chocolate recipes and put them into a book that would continue to help raise funds for that second helicopter.

“Then I thought, I’ll develop some brand new recipes of my own and put them in too. Not only is chocolate one of the very few foods that is universally adored, children absolutely love it and most of these recipes are ones they can try themselves – or help lick the spoon.

“All the profits from this book are going back into the charity and it greatly warms my heart that funds from the sale of my book will keep a trickle or tidal wave of money to help.”

Sensational Chocolate with recipes from Paul a. Young and celebrity contributors in aid of the Children’s Air Ambulance is published by Clearview Books priced £20 – with a special 50% off.

Buying the book from here means all the money will go our charity.

Profits from other sales will also come to us.

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