We have been able to develop equipment that can help keep our little patients as safe and comfortable as possible throughout their journey. We work tirelessly with our clinical partners to keep our patients’ safety and well-being at the forefront of all the work we do.


Children's Equipment Baby Pod

Baby Pod

Babies weighing up to 8kg are transported in a blue baby pod. This keeps our fragile patients secure as they move from hospital to helicopter, and during their flight. For older children, who are too big for the baby pod, we use a special harness to strap them to a traditional stretcher bed. Both fit securely to our specially designed green frame stretcher.




Children's Equipment Shrek


Our stretcher was nicknamed Shrek by our clinical partner teams as it was big, green and ugly. This highly specialised piece of kit is a frame that carries all the monitoring equipment a critically ill child needs. As nothing for paediatric helicopter transfer had existed before, we developed it from scratch.




Children's Equipment In Flight

In Flight

Shrek integrates with both an ambulance and the clip deck in our helicopter. It allows a fragile child to be moved as smoothly from hospital to helicopter. When a child’s life hangs in the balance, this security and stability is vital.




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With your support, we’ll be proud to see more little patients like these grow up.

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