Join #thecrew to help our helicopters



What is ‘#TheCrew’?

#TheCrew is a special fundraising club for children and young people. The club encourages children to get creative and organise their own fundraising events and spread awareness of the Children’s Air Ambulance, to help keep our helicopters flying. All we ask is that each member tries to raise £25 for each year they are with us.


How was it created?

It was the brainchild of our first ever ambassadors, Anna and Kloe. They heard about our young patients, saw our helicopters and wanted to help raise vital funds, but they didn’t want grown-ups telling them what to do. So, they created their own fundraising club made for children by children.

Anna and Kloe are official ambassadors for the charity and are working hard to spread the word about their fundraising efforts. They also inspired friends and families to take part but they need more help and are asking others to get on board.

What’s involved?

Once registered, each crew member will receive a welcome pack containing a fundraising toolkit with lots of ideas and tips on the types of fundraising activities they can do in their school or community. It could be as simple as having a collection tin in their school’s reception or local sports club, or they could organise a dress down day. The possibilities are limitless and we would encourage crew members to get as creative as possible.

Spreading awareness of the Children’s Air Ambulance to their peers, friends and family is equally as valuable so, if a crew member is unable to fundraise then they could simply read or share the quarterly newsletter in assembly.

How It Works?

Once registered, everyone automatically starts as a green member. This lets everyone know that the child is a member of #TheCrew. If they do a great job by either raising funds or spreading awareness, they could become a silver or gold member, which comes with an extra special membership card and additional rewards.



What will the children receive?

Once we have processed the application, the children will receive a welcome pack containing a welcome letter, fundraising toolkit, lanyard and membership card and certificate.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits for joining #TheCrew.  The children will receive as much support and guidance as they need from us, whilst developing skills for later life, including:

  • Budgeting and planning
  • Organisation skills
  • Interpersonal skills

We can also provide wider support for the school, including:

  • Careers talks
  • Visits from doctors, pilots and paramedics


How do children sign up?

Children will need permission from a parent or guardian to join #TheCrew. Parents or guardians can sign their children up by downloading the form by clicking the link or, completing the form below which will be emailed straight to us!




I am happy to hear about

I want to hear about the Children's Air Ambulance and news about #TheCrew



The health and safety of a crew member is paramount, therefore, we have robust fundraising guidelines.

Before a child undertakes any activity in their capacity as a crew member, please ensure you have familiarised yourself with the guidelines and that all relevant action is undertaken before the event commences. You can contact us on by telephone on 0300 3047 677.