Three missions in one day

All in a days work

Children's Summer Appeal map“When the emergency phone line rings, the room goes quiet, the door gets shut, and everyone focuses on the task in hand. Every case is treated as urgent. It is the most important thing happening at that moment. Because we serve the whole country, the flights can be long and complex. The other week, I flew over 600 miles in one day. That day, we transferred one child across the country, and also moved two different specialist medical teams to children who were too sick to travel.”
Mark Woodley, pilot

Total patient/team flight time = 1hr 41min
Equivalent by road = 6hrs 38mins

Children's Summer Appeal 123

Our helicopter can cover distances much faster than transport by road. The children we’re called out to help are fighting for their lives. The speed we reach them can mean the difference between life and death.

It costs about £36 for enough aviation fuel to fly for 10 minutes.

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