Weather The Storm Appeal

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Together we can
help children like Alfie
weather the storm

By donating today you will help safely fly a child to the specialist medical care they desperately need – so please give what you can.

For our pilots, the safety of our little patients is paramount, and so we cannot fly directly through a storm. Storm clouds are immense masses of cloud that can cause severe turbulence and lightening, meaning we cannot fly directly through them. Right now, if a storm is forecast we cannot see the exact location and so have to avoid the whole area This adds miles and time to journeys where every second counts.

But there is another way – weather radar technology. By adding this to our helicopters, our pilots can see water content in storm clouds and the amount of intensity in the air even as we are flying. This means we can circumnavigate treacherous storm clouds. This technology really does save lives – and so can you.

By donating a special amount of your choice you will help safely fly a child to the specialist medical care and treatment they desperately need – so please give what you can today.

Your support will help little patients like Alfie grow up

Alfie had been in and out of hospital with serious breathing problems for months. Then one terrible night his breathing became so laboured he had to be put on a ventilator and needed to be taken to specialist care 2 hours drive away – a flight we were able to complete in 15 minutes.

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“I don’t think people know there is not always an intensive care unit for children in local hospitals – you just assume they can be looked after there – you don’t realise they’ll have to move. If I saw the pilots now I would say thank you for looking after him when we weren’t there and getting him to intensive care so quickly.”
– Rachel, Alfie’s Mum

After a long road to recovery Alfie was able to go home for his first Christmas with his family. Find out more about Alfie and his story here.

Your donation will help a child to weather the storm and arrive safely to the care they need so please give today.

We do not receive any government funding. Only with your donations can we fly the children who need us.

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